• Dell Technologies Business

    Discover how Dell Technologies is helping customers succeed,
    never stopping the challenge of innovation

  • SUSE Business

    As a global leader in open-source solutions for enterprise servers & cloud technology,
    SUSE works with partners, communities, and customers to deliver and support
    powerful open-source software solutions as the goal is to help our customers innovate everywhere.

  • KAYTUS Business

    KAYTUS is a leading cloud computing, big data services provider that offers IT products
    and services that satisfy the information needs of governments and enterprises in more
    than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

  • AI Business

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the paradigm of the industry as a whole.
    Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Daol TS, which supports various
    AI infrastructure construction/consulting/services.


Company name Daol TS is composed of pure Korean words
“Blessed comes in everything we do” for Daol and Technology Solution for TS.
We have a commitment to always provide the best technologies and solutions
in the hope that all of our partners will be blessed in everything they do with us.