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Dell Technologies commercial product line provides the optimal environment that guarantees
the best performance for business operations.

Rack Type

High-density, scale-out
computing-optimized server Dell PowerEdge Rack Server

Providing the optimal balance of resources and
cost-effectiveness to handle the demands of
various applications, PowerEdge Rack Server is
designed to leverage storage scalability
to accelerate application performance, and to
Provide the optimal balance of resources even in
The most demanding environments

Tower Type

A flexible tower server with
powerful performance
And a balance between storage and scalability Dell PowerEdge Tower Server

Delivering high performance and massive
internal storage capacity, Dell PowerEdge Tower Server also
supports scalability for a wide range of workloads,
from small to medium offices, remote sites and data centers


Storage that opens the future Dell PowerStore

Dell PowerStore resolves existing issues such as
performance, scalability, and storage efficiency
degradation through innovative data-centric
intelligent adaptive infrastructure that supports
existing workloads


Flexible and modern
scale-out file storage Dell PowerScale

Dell PowerScale with world-class flexibility,
and the secure scale-out NAS solution can
be trusted and used regardless of scale.
Utilize the flexibility of innovative hardware
technology and software-defined architecture
to realize the true value of your data


Midrange storage with
no performance compromise Dell Unity XT

Reduce costs and simplify operations with the
all-flash unified storage platform, which provides
excellent speed, optimized efficiency,
and is completely redesigned to
support multi-cloud


The only HCI solution that
takes VMware to the next level Dell VxRail

The one and only HCI solution, Dell VxRail enables
the transformation of infrastructure beyond
just building servers, accelerating and simplifying
IT innovation through standardization and automation

PowerProtect DP4400

A simple and powerful solution
with low protection costs Dell PowerProtect DP4400

As an all-in-one converged data appliance,
DP4400 provides perfect backup, replication
recovery, immediate access and restoration,
search and analysis, seamless VMware integration,
as well as cloud support functions including
disaster recovery and long-term cloud retention

PowerProtect DD6900

Scalable and resilient
protected storage Dell PowerProtect DD6900

Next-generation data domain backup appliance
DD6900 delivers enterprise class performance,
efficiency, and scalability. Also designed for
backup, archive, disaster recover, and cyber
recovery across organizations of all sizes


innovative Network Dell Networking PowerSwitch

Through the Dell Networking portfolio,
customers can fulfill the requirements
of modern workloads, not only for the
present but also for the future,
spanning from edge, data center, to cloud

Optiplex 3000

Desktop that delivers essential
performance for your business Dell OptiPlex 3000

Offering affordable performance in three
chassis styles that can handle the typical business,
the OptiPlex 3000 series offers best-in-class features,
security, and management for midsize businesses
and beyond

Optiplex 5000

A mainstream desktop with
powerful performance and scalability Dell OptiPlex 5000

Having the balance of rich expandability and
smart performance that can handle demanding
business tasks cleanly, OptiPlex 5000 series supports
easy access to external ports, and is designed to be
comfortable even when placed on a desk

Optiplex 7000

A premium desktop with excellent
performance and scalability Dell OptiPlex 7000

With excellent performance of 12th generation
Intel core processors, outstanding scalability,
and AI-based intelligent performance boosts,
OptiPlex 7000 series make it possible to
smoothly handle demanding business applications

Optiplex AIO

Desktop designed and customized
exclusively for the user Dell OptiPlex All-In-One

OptiPlex AIO series delivers a clean business
experience with the power of 12th generation
Intel core processors, exceptional display
performance to match Dell's reputation,
a full HD pop-up webcam, and Waves MaxxAudio
Pro tuning stereo speaker integration

Latitude 3000

A cost-effective business laptop
for growing small, medium-sized businesses Dell Latitude 3000

Experience productivity in a new dimension of
AI technology, with enterprise tools designed to
consider all business environments and enjoy
performance and efficiency beyond your expectations

Latitude 5000

A business laptop with performance
and reliability to collaborate anywhere Dell OptiPlex All-In-One

Equipped with excellent scalability and powerful
performance, Latitude 5000 series allows you to
choose various storage, memory, battery, and processor
options according to your needs

Latitude 7000

An impressive agility, and a
sophisticated style business laptop Dell Latitude 7000

Dell Latitude 7000 series allows mobile broadband
option that promises small size, excellent speed,
AI-based technology, 4K resolution, and high
productivity from anywhere

Latitude 9000

Ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight and
boasting optimal performance Dell Latitude 9000

The ultra-premium Dell Latitude 9000 is
an ultra-small, ultra-lightweight product with
the flexibility to choose from a laptop or 2-in-1


Monitors for professionals and users who
demand high-level performance. Dell UltraSharp Monitor

Providing excellent color reproduction and contrast
ratio including premiere color, Dell UltraSharp monitor
offers an immersive screen with little boundary
through InfinityEdge or ultra-thin bezel

P Series

Design for productivity and
performance at an attractive price Dell P Series Monitor

Offering various resolutions from UHD 4K to
Full HD, Dell P series monitor provide a flexible
working environment with easy connectivity
and excellent adjustment features

S Series

A monitor that provides the
best media entertainment environment Dell S Series Monitor

Providing vivid picture and colors, fast screen response,
wide viewing angles, and thin bezels, Dell S series monitor
allows an enjoyable experience when watching movies
or playing games and also has high energy efficiency,
and enables users to enjoy it economically.

E Series

Monitors that is easy to use in
both office and home settings Dell E Series Monitor

Easy to use for both offices and homes,
the economical and environmentally friendly
Dell E series monitor is efficient, reliable, and useful for work.

Tower&Rack Type

Workstation with unparalleled
power and cost-effectiveness Dell Precision Tower&Rack

At an affordable price point, Dell Precision
tower&rack offers powerful performance
and scalability, with the latest Intel processors
and powerful graphics units designed for
professionals bringing imagination to life.

Mobile Type

The ultimate mobile workstation
for outstanding ideas Dell Precision Mobile Workstation

Optimized for performance, reliability, and
user experience, Dell Precision mobile workstation
enables even more innovative ideas to come to life
with the ability to be used on 5G networks,
that can significantly increase data transfer speeds.

Increase productivity
with recommended accessories Dell Client Peripherals

Increase the utilization of client products with
a range of recommended accessories that can
maximize and protect your Dell client product
from a variety of adapters, batteries, docking stations,
and I/O devices to variety of cases


Compact and economical desktop that
enables smooth performance for various tasks Dell Inspiron Desktop

Experience Dell Inspiron desktop with the latest
and powerful 13th generation Intel core processor
technology, strong wireless and wired networking,
and convenient upgrade and expansion options


Desktop with infinite scalability,
tremendous performance,
and elegant design Dell XPS Desktop

Offered in two colors, the XPS desktop blends
seamlessly into any home or shared workspace
with up to 12th generation Intel processors and
the latest graphics options which enables continued
creativity in your work

Alienware Gaming

Advanced new architecture,
powerful gaming with a different dimension Dell Alienware Desktop

Designed for high-quality technical support
and reliable overclocking, Dell Alienware desktop
enhances the potential of gaming


A wider network world experienced
even wider with the 16:10 aspect ratio screen Dell Inspiron Laptop

Experience a wider world with the Dell Inspiron laptop,
which features a sophisticated design made of
high-quality aluminum metal material which is easy to
carry anywhere with its lightweight construction


A powerful laptop for
creators and multitasking Dell XPS Laptop

Fulfill your dreams with the Dell XPS laptop,
which provides the performance to support
more intensive and creative projects with a
perfect balance of scale and performance,
and fuels your passion

G Series Gaming

A laptop with a sturdy design
that embodies gaming vibes Dell G15 Gaming Laptop

For the best performance in high-spec games,
the Dell G15 gaming series is designed more fully
to maximize performance in each location with powerful
latest processors and graphics

Alienware Gaming

An artistically engineered
gaming laptop with realistic visuals Dell Alienware Gaming Laptop

Thanks to the latest NVIDIA graphics with up to
360Hz screen playback, the Dell Alienware gaming series
offers richer color ranges, greater speed and uninterrupted graphics.

Gaming G Series

A gaming monitor with
very high responsive. Dell G Series Gaming Monitor

Enjoy the built-in AMD FreeSync™ premium
and NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility that guarantees
smooth and distortion-free gameplay with the
best skills, through screen refresh rates for even
faster response times and 1ms response time that
eliminates motion blur

Gaming S Series

A curved gaming monitor
with excellent immersion Dell S Series Gaming Monitor

Providing a wider viewing angle beyond the limits,
along with AMD FreeSync ™ premium pro support,
Dell S series gaming monitor allows the experience of
all the details without any blurring, in various games.

Alienware Gaming

A high-performance gaming monitor
that will lead you to victory Dell Alienware Gaming Monitor

With a stunning 250Hz screenplay and 1ms true
response time, the Dell Alienware gaming monitor
is a 38-inch curved display that delivers different
levels of speed proving to be the ultimate gaming
monitor with its own unique design.

Client part List

Increase productivity
with recommended accessories Dell Client Peripherals

Increase the utilization of client products with
a range of recommended accessories that can
maximize and protect your Dell client product
from a variety of adapters, batteries, docking stations,
and I/O devices to variety of cases

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